Thursday, March 19, 2009

Welcome to the GreenLeaf blog!

GreenLeaf is: a new organization in Denver, Colorado dedicated to creating social change through urban agriculture and sustainable infrastructure. Our plan is to hire young people in Denver to become farmers, growing vegetables for their communities on vacant lots in the city.

To learn more please contact Leah Bry at



  1. we need to work together on creating a plan to allow people who grow organic vegetables - urban farmers to make an income that is appropriate for costs of living in metro denver...and we need to work with local community colleges to develop training for all the urban farmers we need to make the grassroots grass grow take over the aspects of our ag system that need to be amended

  2. Leah: It was wonderful to hear your presentation and see the images from GreenLeaf's first summer. I'm sending you great energy and best wishes for the future. I hope to come and visit someday soon.

    Continue to forge ahead. Urban Ag is amazing and literally is the roots of our move to resilient, healthy urban living.


    Kyla Basher (Goddard)